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Michael's Plan


Michael wants to restore Roswell as THE #1 Business Destination in North Fulton!


For too long Roswell has been losing business opportunities due to the Mayor and Council’s anti-business policies. Michael has a plan to re-focus our city’s tax policies and priorities. He wants to focus on business retention and expansion by listening to our business community and allowing business owners to speak at City Council meetings. Michael will also work to attract new businesses and industries with a new laser-focused recruitment strategy and incentive plan.


Focus on Roswell’s Public Safety 


Michael will work to ensure that our city’s first responders have all the training and resources necessary to protect all of us. Roswell needs comprehensive improvements across our city to improve safety for pedestrians and bikers. Michael also knows we need to prioritize the redevelopment of blighted commercial zones, which have become a drain on Roswell’s public safety resources due to increased crime and neglect. 


Improve Roswell’s Infrastructure


Our city needs to balance the priority list of our infrastructure dollars between projects in our local neighborhoods and large-scale projects. Michael will be a voice of accountability pushing to expedite our remaining projects and demanding responsible management practices.


Demand a Better Direction for East Roswell 


When elected, Michael will create the expectation that East Roswell will be treated as an equal to West Roswell. He will advocate for Mayor and Council meetings to be held in East Roswell on a quarterly basis, so citizens can have equal access to the government. Michael will obtain guarantees that a fair percentage of municipal funds are held for East Roswell when it comes to infrastructure improvements, event funding, parks and rec funding, and more.


Michael also knows we need to address blight in East Roswell now! The city needs to partner with local organizations like Roswell Inc. to improve abandoned commercial spaces. Lastly, he will push for a comprehensive sidewalk plan to ensure the safety of all East Roswell residents. 


Improve Transparency and Accountability


Like you, Michael is fed up and dismayed with the current ethical shortcomings of our elected officials. When elected, he will work to revert the recent changes made to Roswell’s Open Records policies that shield dishonest politicians from accountability. Michael will be dedicated to restoring trust and collaboration in our city. He will send a message to our elected officials that putting politics over the well-being of our residents is absolutely unacceptable. Michael will be a servant leader and change agent demanding that our government properly follows procedures to respect citizen feedback and enforce good governance practices. 


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