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Big Announcement: Marisa Pereira - Former candidate for Roswell City Council


Hello Roswell Friends,


It has been a few days since election day and I’ve been doing some soul searching; trying to identify how I can best contribute to my community and discern what my future purpose, goals, intentions etc. are, where Roswell fits into the picture, and how to move forward in that regard.


Based on this, I’d like to present some facts and challenge you to think logically and critically with me.


Ethics and integrity were missing in this election. In 2022 I campaigned for Allen Sells, going door to door with him and his wife, I held a meet and greet in my home, and distributed campaign signs. However, based on my current knowledge of him benefiting and not denouncing Secret Dark Money Mailers that displayed the face of the Mayor, and now knowing how poorly he treated some of his past campaign staff, I cannot support him and regret doing so in the past.


In Georgia, municipal level elections are supposed to be non-partisan. Secret Dark Money was used to lie about one of my opponents, Michael Dal Cerro, referring to him as an extreme liberal with a progressive agenda. HERE he corrects the record. In addition, Michael Dal Cerro has pledged not to change the UDC against standalone apartments. See HERE, AND he is against cut-through neighborhood traffic - something Allen Sells openly supports. See HERE.


This is the first time Secret Dark Money was used in our Roswell municipal elections. Consider what that entails for all elections going forward. Future candidates will not need to raise money legitimately and ethically and disclose the same via GA ethics commission. The Mayor and Council will not be able to or need to recuse themselves from any potential conflict of interest since there will be no transparent trail of money or donors that benefited their campaign to become elected.


At the end of the day, this election is greater than Sells vs Dal Cerro. I cannot stand by and allow the lies perpetrated by Secret Dark Money and the potential for corruption to go unchallenged. To do so, would go against who I am and aspire to be. To all who claim to be tired of “corrupt politics as usual” and “for ethical elections”, I’d like to challenge you to stand up for positive change, stand up for right and what’s good, stand against manipulation and Secret Dark Money - VOTE FOR CANDIDATES NOT BACKED BY DARK MONEY!


Roswell and her residents deserve open and fair elections. Be the change you want to see! To that effect, I hope you will join me and vote for Michael Dal Cerro in the upcoming run-off on Dec. 5th. 


I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! Having fled Communism, I am better able to appreciate the freedoms (of elections) in our country!




Ray Manus - Teacher, Legendary Roswell High School Football Coach, and Athletic Director (Retired)


Pete Poulos - Teacher, Roswell High School Football Coach, and Social Studies Department Chair (Retired)


Ray Manus and Pete Poulos former teachers and coaches at Roswell High School wholeheartedly and without reservations would like to endorse one of our former students Michael Dal Cerro a seat on the Roswell City Council in the upcoming special election. As his teachers in Economics and World History Michael always met the requirements of our classes with great initiative and a positive attitude. In his pursuit of excellence in and out of the classroom, he displayed enthusiasm, discipline, energy, and commitment, the same qualities that would make him a worthy and productive member of the Roswell City Council.


Likewise, Michael was held in high esteem by his teachers and peers. Michael is running because, in his own words,” I was raised and educated and love Roswell.” Because of this, he is committed to maintaining the city’s preeminence as one of the best cities to live in, not just in the state but in the nation. He has a deep understanding of the local issue (public safety, recreation, quality growth etc.), effective communication and a commitment to making Roswell a better place to live. Hopefully our brief comments will give the citizens of Roswell an insight into why Michael Dal Cerro will be a deserving member of the Roswell City Council.

Tim Stevens – Co-Owner of From The Earth Brewery and Bask Steakhouse


I am proud to endorse Michael Dal Cerro! He is by far the most qualified candidate and he understands the problems that East Roswell faces. Michael has a plan for East Roswell that will set up all residents and businesses for long-term success. He is dedicated to studying these issues, listening to everyone, and doing the work even when no one is watching.

Stacy Perlman - Former Principal, Mountain Park Elementary School


My neighborhood does not allow yard signs, but I wish they did. I’ve known Michael Dal Cerro for over 16 years. I believe he is just the type of person we need on City Council. He grew up here, and chose Roswell to raise his own family. I trust Michael to be a listener and to serve as a representative of his constituents, taking input into account when making decisions.

Scott Hitch - Small Business Owner and Resident of Horseshoe Bend since 2000

As a long-time East Roswell resident and a small business owner, I can vouch for Michael with complete confidence. He has shown an intense amount of dedication by showing up and walking the walk, long before he ever sought out public office. He is the only candidate in Post 2 that is going to bring us together based on the things we all have in common. I know Michael will never use divisiveness as a tool to gain power. I hope you'll join me in supporting Michael for Post 2 - he will bring ethics and transparency to City Hall.

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