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I am running because I love Roswell. 


I grew up here.  I have so many experiences over the years where people have inspired me and my family.  The residents.  The neighbors.  The businesses owners.  The non-profits.  The teachers.  The coaches.  The fire department.  The police department.  You all are the heart and soul of the city.   This campaign is for you. 


This election is so very important.  I believe Roswell is Better Together.  But we are at a crossroads.  I see this as an opportunity for all of us to have a better Roswell.  I am asking for YOUR vote.  To be YOUR voice.  To be YOUR advocate.  It will be an honor to represent you.

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Big Announcement: Marisa Pereira endorses Michael Dal Cerro

Marisa's message to her supporters is being shared here with her full permission...


Hello Roswell Friends,


It has been a few days since election day and I’ve been doing some soul searching; trying to identify how I can best contribute to my community and discern what my future purpose, goals, intentions etc. are, where Roswell fits into the picture, and how to move forward in that regard.


Based on this, I’d like to present some facts and challenge you to think logically and critically with me.


Ethics and integrity were missing in this election. In 2022 I campaigned for Allen Sells, going door to door with him and his wife, I held a meet and greet in my home, and distributed campaign signs. However, based on my current knowledge of him benefiting and not denouncing Secret Dark Money Mailers that displayed the face of the Mayor, and now knowing how poorly he treated some of his past campaign staff, I cannot support him and regret doing so in the past.


In Georgia, municipal level elections are supposed to be non-partisan. Secret Dark Money was used to lie about one of my opponents, Michael Dal Cerro, referring to him as an extreme liberal with a progressive agenda. HERE he corrects the record. In addition, Michael Dal Cerro has pledged not to change the UDC against standalone apartments. See HERE, AND he is against cut-through neighborhood traffic - something Allen Sells openly supports. See HERE.


This is the first time Secret Dark Money was used in our Roswell municipal elections. Consider what that entails for all elections going forward. Future candidates will not need to raise money legitimately and ethically and disclose the same via GA ethics commission. The Mayor and Council will not be able to or need to recuse themselves from any potential conflict of interest since there will be no transparent trail of money or donors that benefited their campaign to become elected.


At the end of the day, this election is greater than Sells vs Dal Cerro. I cannot stand by and allow the lies perpetrated by Secret Dark Money and the potential for corruption to go unchallenged. To do so, would go against who I am and aspire to be. To all who claim to be tired of “corrupt politics as usual” and “for ethical elections”, I’d like to challenge you to stand up for positive change, stand up for right and what’s good, stand against manipulation and Secret Dark Money - VOTE FOR CANDIDATES NOT BACKED BY DARK MONEY!


Roswell and her residents deserve open and fair elections. Be the change you want to see! To that effect, I hope you will join me and vote for Michael Dal Cerro in the upcoming run-off on Dec. 5th. 


I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! Having fled Communism, I am better able to appreciate the freedoms (of elections) in our country!





PS. Feel free to pass this message along to your own network.

This is a very exciting time in our campaign! We are running on a platform of Integrity and Transparency and just received an endorsement from Marisa Pereira.


I can't emphasize enough how grateful I am to have the support of marisa4roswell in this runoff election. She conducts herself at the highest level of personal integrity and facts-driven decision-making - and rightfully expects that of her elected officials. I'm honored that she sees me as worthy of her trust.


This election represents a game-changing opportunity to steer Roswell away from the wrong direction that it has been heading for a few years now. I'm so proud to have a diverse bipartisan coalition of people standing beside me to demand honorable conduct, responsible economic development, and a residents-first philosophy.


Earlier this month on Election Night, over 54% of voters supported candidates who stand for those values. I hope that more people will see past the lies and half-truths being pushed and join us.


That means that this runoff is going to come down to the wire, and we need everyone to come together for this last part of the journey. Please vote next week and encourage everyone you know to do so.


Early voting starts on Saturday (the 25th) and runs through December 1st. The Election is on December 5th.


I look forward to working with Marisa and her supporters to create a Roswell government that lives up to the standards we all deserve.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let's #MakeRoswellNormalAgain.

- Michael

We stand together for a better Roswell

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Michael Dal Cerro (Michael D) Images (Roswell City) August 26th, 2023-08644.jpg


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